Straw Bale Building FAQ


Why choose straw bale construction?

Written by The Administrator. Posted in FAQ

There are many reasons to choose straw bale construction, we have chosen just a few:

  • Because straw bale walls are hand-built, they have a lovely look and feel about them, they are filled with character especially when combined with other natural building materials.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly, straw bale walls have very low embodied energy, with very little impact on the environment in the production of the building materials and construction of the walls.
  • No off-gassing of harmful chemicals.
  • Very comfortable and healthy to live in.
  • High insulation value, keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter (with correct solar passive design for your climate)
  • Great acoustic insulation.
  • If you learn to build the walls yourself, and look after your budget carefully you can build a very beautiful home for a low cost.